Tony and Olivia Clash

The first of many altercations between Tony and Olivia:

I rounded on Tony.  Fear made my voice sharp and high pitched.  Tears scalded the rims of my eyes and I blinked hard to keep them back.  “Where were you?  If you had been here, no one would have gotten hurt or killed.  For that matter, how come you let them go?  Why didn’t you question one of them?”  To me, my voice sounded frantic.  I glanced at Brian, hoping he hadn’t noticed.  He had an amused smile directed at his friend, waiting, I supposed, for the answer.

Tony stood and turned to face me.  He carried a backpack, walking closer, placing his feet precisely in front of each other with no effort.  He didn’t smile, but his eyes glittered like blue fire.  Everything about him spoke of danger.  I assumed he also had an animal form and wondered at it.  I also made a mental note to be more careful with him.  His voice was smooth as the ice that surrounded us, but it had a steely quality underneath.  He said, “A, I was on the way here.  It takes something called ‘time’ to navigate the streets.  And B, I have already questioned one of them.  These men aren’t who we want.”  He stopped speaking and held my gaze, as if daring me to say another word.

I kept my mouth shut.

He dropped the bag beside us and kicked Brian’s foot.  “Get up, you lazy cuss.  You may have convinced her you’re mortally injured, but not me.  I need you to get to work.  They aren’t giving up and she’s still in danger.  You two have a fair way to go to get out of here.  I’ll hold them off as long as I can, then join you at the truck.  You know where it is.”


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