Dream Sequence

Today I’m working on Brian’s nightmare.  Here are a few paragraphs in the rough:

Brian pressed through the high growth of spike covered bushes, searching for someone.  The harder he looked, the deeper into the undergrowth he went, the more confused he became.  Suddenly, she was right there, beside him.  It was Olivia.  At least, it should have been, but he couldn’t quite see her face.  Together they walked through the forest, hand in hand.

Then, as always, his dream stumbled into the hellish.  Menacing shadows stretched to the ground from the treetops.  They enveloped the forest.  The darkness became absolute.  He couldn’t even see Olivia’s hand in his own.

Brian struggled to turn the dream around, to return to Olivia.  The forest lightened and once again he was with her.  The brush parted way for them, long vines draped from the trees like banners.  She turned and gazed into his eyes, but he still couldn’t make out her features.

The shadows reappeared.  They had scythe shaped claws and sharp canine fangs.  They snapped and growled at him.  Again, Brian fought to regain the happiness of the earlier dream.  He called to Olivia and she appeared.  Her face was hazy with a shifting distortion.


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