Fodder for Character Building

Recently, I took my cat to the vet; he didn’t feel good, was dizzy and vomiting. I was pretty sure it wasn’t life threatening (farm girl here) and all he needed was medicine. The vet had a busy surgery day stacked up and asked me to leave my pet and she’d examine him between operations.

It’s tiny things like this that help build character. In that paragraph above, you get an image of the dedication of the vet and the practicality of the farm girl.

But, what if I told you that I felt so bad for my little kitty who depended on me to make him feel better. He felt crappy and was scared, and I abandoned him to it. Yes, I would be back for him a few hours later, but at that moment, it was all he knew. I bawled like a baby all the way home.

What happened to your image of the practical farm girl? Your perception of her skewed, didn’t it?  See how details, vignettes, create character?

As a writer, anything and everything is fodder for our cannons (pens). That’s a fact.

And if you tell anyone I cried that day, I’ll deny it. I swear!


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