About Wendy

199180_10151305481505718_948342824_nWendy grew up on a farm in central Illinois.  Her greatest delight was driving in a 1962 Chevy pickup with her grandfather on the dirt roads looking at crops.  Even though she’s lived in many places throughout the world, in her heart, she’s never left the farm.

After school and a short stint in the US Air Force, Wendy returned to Illinois in 1988 and built a successful Appaloosa breeding and training farm, which she sold in the year 2000.  Then, she moved to Iowa with her, then, husband and studied in the famous University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop.  Her marriage imploded a couple years later.  In 2004, she met the love of her life and moved to New Brunswick, Canada.  She continued to study at University of Maine, Presque Isle, where she finally (after 20 years) earned her degree.

She currently has three published novels (http://wendylkoenig.com) , a few books of poetry and has been published in many magazines and anthologies.

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